Auvergne View
Train de la Decouverte
In July and August the discovery train runs for 85km between Courpiere via Ambert and on to Sembadel, south of La Chaise Dieu, dissecting the magnificent Livradois-Forez National Park. Out of season, the train can be booked by groups for shorter distances.
Balloon trips Flights over the Auvergne Regional Volcano Park offering panoramas of 80 aligned volcanoes. Help prepare equipment and inflate the balloon and receive certificate and glass of champagne at the journey's end. Flights leave Clermont Ferrand airport.
Vichy Waters
The waters of Vichy emerge through a dozen springs into Les Halles des Sources, enriched with mineral salts and trace elements. Each spring has a different composition, temperature and remedial purpose.
The VĂ©lorail de CĂ©zallier
A disused rail track has been designated for exclusive use by cyclists on specially adapted bikes which fit directly onto the tracks. There are eight routes of varying length, all of which take you through spectacular scenery.